English With Crosswords (Crossword Puzzle Book 3) by European Language Institute

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A) ancient timepiece built by aliens b) annual layers of sandstone c) annual tree rings d) layers in ice cores CORRECT ANSWER: b) annual layers of sandstone The answer may be writ in stone. Based on studies of ancient sandstone layers, some scientists think that 620 million years ago a day was about two hours shorter than it is today. 05 seconds. To give you an idea of how long that isn’t, it takes three or four times longer to blink. The Fastest Spin Which planet has the shortest day? a) Jupiter b) Mars c) Mercury d) Venus Q TOUR OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM: THE SPIN The time it takes for a planet to spin on its axis determines how long its day is.

Not so fast, guys. Females have smaller brains but more grey matter, which is the thinking part of the brain. That makes them smarter, right? Well, no. Males and females score equally well on intelligence tests. It’s sort of like the difference between an equally powerful desktop and a laptop. They don’t look the same, but when it comes to what they can do, they’re not all that different. Is Your Brain Shrinking? At what age does your brain start to shrink? a) 20–25 b) 32–36 c) 40–43 d) 60–62 Q BRAIN MATTERS: BETTER BRAINS Your brain grows at an amazing pace from the time you’re a fetus to your early childhood.

Q How big is the human ovum? About the size of a . . a) bee hummingbird egg b) black peppercorn c) this period. d) yellow mustard seed 43 X-Rated Egg A YOUR X-RATED PAST How big is the human ovum? About the size of a . . a) bee hummingbird egg b) black peppercorn c) this period. d) yellow mustard seed CORRECT ANSWER: c) this period. 005 in) across, roughly the size of the period at the end of this sentence. Most mammalian eggs are about the same size, big enough to see with the naked eye. The human ovum always carries an X chromosome from the female.

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