Dragons of Mystery (Dragonlance module DL5) by Michael Dobson

By Michael Dobson

Ultimately! A sourcebook for the main intriguing epic ever from TSR, Inc.! Now, you and your avid gamers could have the complete international of Krynn at your fingertips!

"Dragons of puzzle" provides the heritage and instruments essential to run a whole DRAGONLANCE crusade experience, an epic quest during the international of Krynn, threatened by means of the domination of the inhuman draconians. are you able to win opposed to strong forces of darkness?

This package deal features a four-color map of the Continent of Ansalon, the place the entire adventures within the DRAGONLANCE saga happen. participant personality Sheets for the DRAGONLANCE heroes (illustrated via LARRY ELMORE) provide your avid gamers an exhilarating instrument for visualizing their characters. Even the celebrities within the heavens are proven on a different map of the constellations!

Join the hunt! dwell the journey! The DRAGONLANCE saga maintains!

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And Tanis, so she believed, fell in love with her. For years, their love was a childhood game, and they promised to marry each other when they came of age. Happily, she confided her fantasies in her brother Gilthanas. Gilthanas’ reaction was not at all what she expected. He was furious at both her and Tanis. ” he shouted. He stormed out to find Tanis. What happened in that conversation she never learned for sure, but a week later Tanis decided to leave Qualinost and make his way in the outside world.

The others think of her as still just a kid, and this rankles her deeply, since she considers herself a grown woman. When the dragonarmies laid waste to Solace and destroyed the vallenwood tree that once supported the Inn of the Last Home, she formed a deep and abiding hatred for them, for they had destroyed the only thing she had ever truly loved. STRENGTH 14 (Max. , Open Doors 1-2, Bend Bars/Lift Gates 7%) INTELLIGENCE 9 (No adjustments) WISDOM 12 (No adjustments) DEXTERITY 16 (Reaction/Missile Adj.

Personality Laurana grew up as a somewhat spoiled rich girl, used to getting everything she wanted. Her love for Tanis began as a little girl’s crush, selfish and possessive. She has a deep streak of childishness when she first appears in the adventure, but her diplomatic skills and political experience help make up for it. But there is something strongly noble in the young elven maid. It comes out when she is tested. This noble streak enables Laurana to grow up when confronted by danger and discomfort.

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