Control + Shift by Natalja Konradova, Katy Teubener, Henrike Schmidt

By Natalja Konradova, Katy Teubener, Henrike Schmidt

Russian web: Aesthetics, artwork, Blogs, groups, Counter tradition, Cultural identification, Diaspora, specialists, Gender, Intelligentsia, Language, Literature, Metaphors, information websites, own Webpages, Polit expertise, Pornography, energy Elite, Propaganda, Public Sphere, television, digital character

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At the same time, there remains a noticeable gap in the Russian academics’ knowledge of the theoretical background and methods of the American media studies tradition (which has already devel- NEWS ON TELEVISION AND ON THE INTERNET 39 Fake 58, 102 The methodology of media studies: the Russian situation Polit Technology 60, 101, 181 Incidentally, the fact that conservative state papers, such as the Rossijskaja Gazeta have survived in the new commercial conditions, can be explained not only by State funding, but also by the nostalgia that many readers still feel towards an unambiguous value system meted out ‘from above’.

We cannot regard State-owned and private resources as being one and the same thing, but we can compare them, since they exist in relatively equal conditions. g. the website of the Izvestija newspaper, which used to be a pioneering example of online journalism) and TV channels. By launching their own websites, TV companies do not simply hope to discover a new resource, but also ‘to play on the enemy’s field’ by realizing the fundamental rule of television – to be omnipresent. and monotonous? In other words, do they just upload all they’ve got to their websites and merely register their presence on the Internet [Konradova 2005], or do they publish any additional information?

Ivanov). There is more variety where foreign figures are concerned, but on the whole, the amount of time allocated to the coverage of international events has been significantly reduced. The tone of world news has changed as well: the enthusiasm to ‘discover the world’ and the sudden freedom to be impressed with ‘capitalist’ achievements, typical of the perestrojka period, gave way to notes of criticism, covert and overt denunciation of the West, manifesting itself most clearly in anti-American propaganda, which has become a familiar feature of the TV news programmes.

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