Contemporary Anti-Dutch Chess by Martin I.M. Andrew

By Martin I.M. Andrew

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Connecting Aker to the next town had been washed out. The extra time required to find a place to safely ford the, river and then cross it was one-tenth the total number of i days originally planned for the entire march. After crossing the river, the troops were so fatigued that ! Perforce was obliged to halt for a three-day rest. When thej army finally arrived at Halsen they found the town aban-j i 42 doned and Malfor nowhere to be f o u n d . The march to Halsen had, altogether, taken one-third more days than originally planned.

Note that a mug clinking between two knights counts as a mug clinking for each. ' "How many and whose mugs did my archenemy clink? " Hint on page 58. Answer on pages 79-80. THE SHOPPING TRIP Marcella and her husband, Justice, went into town to shop. Marcella bought a robe for herself, while Justice bought a chest and a mantle for himself. All together, the three items cost 80 stickels. On their way home, Marcella teased Justice, "If you hadn't gotten that mantle, there would have been exactly enough money to buy me that bracelet I liked.

3. Cob's number is 1 larger than Rob's number. 4. Bob's number is either 1 larger or 1 smaller than Tob's number. Which brother sits in which seat? Answer on page 64. H O W MANY EGGS? Each m o r n i n g , a farm w o m a n collects the eggs her hens have laid. One day, she stumbled as she left the coop and all the eggs were broken. " asked her daughter. " The w o m a n has more t h a n f o u r eggs and fewer t h a n forty. H o w many eggs were broken? Hint on page 59. Answer on pages 67-68. 53 CHAPTER IV MORE PUZZLES PERFORCE ARRIVES T O O LATE King Perforce led his army from his castle toward Halsen to!

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