Classic Brainteasers by Martin Gardner

By Martin Gardner

A suite of tough teasers, quirky questions, technology stumpers, and common sense puzzlers

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5 What is the easiest thing for a stingy man to part with? A comb. 6 What is the most difficult train to catch? The 12:50, because it’s 10 to 1 if you catch it. 7 What most resembles half a cheese? The other half. 8 What is never of any use unless it is in a tight place? A cork. 9 What, besides a good rule, works both ways? A ferry boat. 10 What ship has two mates but no captain? Courtship. 11 What do all ships weigh, regardless of their size? Their anchors. 12 What man’s business is best when things are dullest?

67 Why did Bill’s mother knit him three stockings when he was in the army? Because Bill wrote her he had gotten so tall he had grown another foot. 68 Why is the inside of everything so mysterious? Because we can’t make it out. 69 Why should ladies who wish to remain slender avoid the letter C? Because it makes fat a fact. 70 Why do children object to the absence of Santa Claus? Because they prefer his presence (presents). 71 Why does a warm day give an icicle a bad reputation? Because it turns it into an eavesdropper.

The letter N. 27 What continent do you see when you look in the mirror in the morning? You see Europe (you’re up). SOME DIFFICULT FEATS (FEETS) 1 What is a foot to get for a barefoot boy? Footwear 2 What foot tells you that someone is right behind you? Footfall 3 What foot do you find on a page? Footnote 4 What foot do you find on a stage? Footlight 5 What is a foot that steals things? Footpad 6 What foot do you feel after a long walk? Footsore 7 What foot is a servant in a castle? Footman 8 What foot does grandma like to have in the living room?

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