Chanting the Names of Manjushri:The Manjusri-Nama-Samgiti: by Alex Wayman

By Alex Wayman

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The Sameness Wisdom X. I~a Karma or retaining mantra and vidya Prajiiaj iianamurti Arapacana Dul)khaccheda Ak~obhya Amitabha Ratnasambhava Vajrasattva It is inescapable that the commentators who insisted on six malJrjalas for the M-N-S must have pointed out that there are six Buddhas, six Families, and six Maiijusri names, so why talk of a seventh malJrjala? " This sets "the Master of Speech" outside of the six; and since DharmadhatuVagisvara means "Speech-Lord of the Dharmadhatu," this implies that the Dharmadhiitu- Viiglfvara-ma1Jrjala is additional to the six, making a total of seven malJrjalas, as Smrti insisted but did not spell out.

Ekavira has the fuller form Siddhaikavira, so the yellow form seems to be a variant of Vadiraj. MA~PALA 7. PROCEDURE-OF-DuTY WISDOM: Maiijuvajra It was previously explained that Vajrasattva heads the Karma Family in charge of mantra (incantation) and vidya (charms) and why this "sixth" Buddha is in charge of Chapter X devoted to Procedure-of-Duty Wisdom. Manjusri is now called Jnanakaya. Here are all the three-headed, six-armed forms: Manjuvajra, AIimanmatha, Visuddha-Manjusri· of Jaya Pal)c;iita's list.

It consists of only 160 verses (giithii) plus some mantra sentences, but these cover an enormous lore, if one can believe the commentaries in the Tanjur. The Tibetan translation is a brilliant piece of work by the great translator Rin-chen-bzan-po, who has also translated an affiliated work, called in Sanskrit Miiyiijiila-mahiitantrariija. lgzti work by the Indian pandit Kamalagupta, and later the text was revised by Son Blo-gros brtan-pa, whose possible contribution to the present version will be considered below.

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