Cell Mechanics and Cellular Engineering by D. V. Zhelev, R. M. Hochmuth (auth.), Van C. Mow, Roger

By D. V. Zhelev, R. M. Hochmuth (auth.), Van C. Mow, Roger Tran-Son-Tay, Farshid Guilak, Robert M. Hochmuth (eds.)

Cell mechanics and mobile engineering can be outlined because the program of ideas and strategies of engineering and existence sciences towards primary figuring out of structure-function relationships in general and pathological cells and the improvement of organic substitutes to revive mobile services. This definition is derived from one constructed for tissue engineering at a 1988 NSF workshop. The reader of this quantity will see the definition being utilized and stretched to review mobile and tissue structure-function relationships. how to outline a box is basically to enable the investigators describe their components of research. might be mobilephone mechanics will be compartmentalized by means of remembering how the various earliest thinkers wrote in regards to the results of mechanics on development. As early as 1638, Galileo hypothesized that gravity and of dwelling mechanical forces position limits at the development and structure organisms. it sort of feels merely becoming that Robert Hooke, who gave us Hooke's legislation of elasticity, additionally gave us the note "cell" in his 1665 textual content, Micrographid, to designate those trouble-free entities of existence. Julius Wolffs 1899 treatise at the functionality and type of the trabecular structure supplied an incisive instance of the connection among the constitution of the physique and the mechanical load it bears. In 1917, D' Arcy Thompson's On progress and shape revolutionized the research of organic procedures by means of introducing cogent actual reasons of the relationships among the constitution and serve as of cells and organisms.

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HL60 cells were grown under standard conditions (RPMI 1640 with 10% fetal bovine serum at 37°C under 5% CO2) and passaged twice weekly. In preliminary experiments, it was found that a growing population of HL60 cells exhibited a great deal of heterogeneity in both size and apparent viscosity. E. A. 0 S cells GI cells - - - - - - - Neutrophil -I o 2 3 4 InYm Fig. 5. Shear rate-dependence of HL60 cells in Sand GI phases. For all of the cell types tested, the log of the apparent viscosity varied in proportion with the log of the mean shear rate.

76 [j. I J-...... ;J1::l.. 8 tlte Fig. 4. Time course of cell entry. Time t and projection lengthLp are normalized by te' the total time for cell entry, and Lm , the projection length when the cell is completely aspirated into the pipette. Dashed line shows the prediction from numerical calculations in which the instantaneous cytoplasmic viscosity was uniform within the cell, but which varied in power-law dependence on the instantaneous mean shear rate, Ya' Points represent measurements taken on a normal neutrophil.

Rickard 1. E. The cortical actin filament network of neutrophil leukocytes during phagocytosis and chemotaxis. In: Hallett, M. B. ed. The neutrophil: cellular biochemistry and physiology. ; 1989: p. 141-165. Ting-Beall, H. ; Hochmuth, R M. Volume and osmotic properties of human neutrophils. Blood 81:2774-2780; 1993. ; Hochmuth, R Time-dependent recovery of passive neutrophils after large deformations. Biophys. J. 60:856-866; 1991. Zhelev, D. ; Hochmuth, R. M. Mechanically stimulated polymerization and contraction in human neutrophils.

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