Buster and the Amazing Daisy: Adventures With Asperger by Nancy Ogaz

By Nancy Ogaz

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Mr Sears grabbed her hands. “Daisy, I can’t let you hurt yourself. I’m going to hold your hands until you calm down. ” Daisy yelled. She cried for a few minutes, then stopped and took a deep breath. She looked up at Mr Sears. “I’m okay now. ” “That’s good, Daisy. ” He released her hands, giving them a gentle pat. “We’ll work this out. The first thing I want you 35 and Marissa to do is to write apologies to each other. ” “Sure, Mr Sears. ” He nodded. ” Daisy stood up and hugged Mr Sears. He looked a little surprised, but then he smiled.

Laurel was quiet. ” “Really? Do you think so? ” Daisy looked right into Laurel’s eyes. ” Laurel smiled at her. 57 58 Chapter 7 The School of Doom and Despair The next day Daisy was on her way out to the lawn with Buster when she heard an argument. “But Mom! I belong here! ” The voice was squeaky and the speaker kept coughing so badly it sounded like he was choking. It was Cody, Daisy realized, as she paused outside Mrs Brawnley’s room. “It’ll be better this time, Cody. ” “No! ” Something rammed the other side of the door with a horrible bang.

Daisy and Laurel laughed so hard that Buster stopped nibbling and turned to stare at them. As they chatted, they found out they liked a lot of the same things. They both were crazy about dogs, especially small cuddly ones. Neither of them cared much for fish, but they both liked snakes. Except for the feeding part. They both loved The Incredible Journey and they 46 both hated the ending in Old Yeller. “Sad endings are unforgivable,” Daisy declared. Laurel agreed. Daisy had been having such a pleasant time talking with Laurel, she’d almost forgotten all about the Bully-Pops.

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