Beyond the Frustrated Self : Overcoming Avoidant Patterns by Barbara Dowds

By Barbara Dowds

This booklet foregrounds the lifestyles struggles of a unmarried ""frustrated"" person in order that argument and theoretical exploration come up organically out of expertise. The method is integrative, enlisting numerous versions of treatment - psychodynamic, body-oriented, Gestalt, existential - in addition to neuroscience, philosophy, and literature. The ebook additionally indicates how developmental deficits engage with socio-cultural  Read more...

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Degrees of aliveness may vary between the right and left sides or upper and lower segments of the body, affecting whatever functions are associated with these regions. In addition, excessive charge, particularly in an overbounded type, may burn out with age. The different ways of managing energy are associated with different patterns of breathing (Boadella, 1987, pp. 78–79) and the degree of charge depends on the rate of breathing. The holding back and overcontainment (overboundedness) of feelings is associated with thoracic breathing and incomplete exhalation.

You thus enter a state of what Seligman called “learned helplessness” (Coyne, 1985). The depression of indifference or apathy is associated with right-hemisphere damage to the brain, whereas anxious disturbed depression correlates with left-brain lesions (McGilchrist, 2009, p. 64). The reason for this will become clear in Chapter Three when we look at the different functional characteristics of the two hemispheres. When Brenda is asked to slow down, a wave of boredom washes over her, like the breath of nausea.

In the case of emotional repression (avoidant attachment), the left brain controls the right, which in turn controls the sympathetic nervous system. There is consequently no bottom-up bodily information being received by the brain. , p. 25). In the integrated child—“held” 18 B E YO N D T H E F R U S T R AT E D S E L F in the Winnicottian sense and securely attached—there is two-way communication between the brain and the body. The individual is embodied, thinking and feeling are balanced, and he/she can exist in a state of relaxed alertness, capable of both arousal and relaxation as appropriate to the demands of the environment.

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