Amy and Gully with Aliens by W.W. Rowe

By W.W. Rowe

During this experience tale, children are beamed aboard an alien spacecraft. Amy and Gully have the capacity to outwit their captors--only to achieve that they might have made issues worse. yet appearances turn out misleading. quickly they're given interactive checks concerning a paranormal motion picture monitor. the tale they see resembles the lifetime of Siddhartha (the younger Prince who finally turned the Buddha). finally, Amy and Gully realize that they're capable of input the magic monitor and perform the motion picture itself! the children even meet and reduction the enlightened Prince in a deadly yet funny episode. Amy and Gully find out about the interconnectedness of all existence, selfless compassion, and the ability of natural purpose. this can be an autonomous sequel to Amy and Gully in Rainbowland. This attractive publication reads like a thriller.--Mindful Parenting

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Dargon is so clever, so skillful in his evil ways. We must—” The screen suddenly went blank. ” cried Gully. ” 57 “Please turn it back on,” said Amy. ” “I did not turn it off,” Mala declared. ” “Mala! ” Both Snoods scuttled frantically into the room. “Instruments show Zarg nearby! Strong reading of Zarg! ” Mala raised a luminous arm. The Snoods grew silent, and a powerful, vibrant change came over the golden man . . 58 9 Zarg Mala’s diamond eyes shone like powerful searchlights. His golden skin radiated waves of light.

Lifting the lid, he 49 grabbed a handful of lemon candies. He offered some to David, who shook his head and kept on drawing. Dargon ate two candies. He seemed to be sniffing the air. Then a sly smile appeared on his sticky-wet lips. He scattered the rest of the candy across the table and began drawing again. An ugly, bulldog-faced man entered the room. He wore a white turban. Striding to the table, he pointed to the lemon candies. ” he demanded. ” Dargon looked up with a sweet, innocent expression.

39 It looked like a man, molded out of golden clay. His smooth, radiant skin reminded Amy of a jar of honey on the kitchen window sill, with the morning sun shining through it. His eyes shone like two glittery diamonds. As the golden man stepped forward, his leg stretched out through the air. Amazingly, it arched all the way over to Amy and Gully. Pulling up the other leg, he suddenly stood beside them. “Eee, Gully! ” Peals of musical laughter rang out once more. “Do not be afraid,” said the golden man.

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