Alternating Current Multi-Circuit Electric Machines: A New by Valentin Asanbayev

By Valentin Asanbayev

This ebook information an method for recognition of the sector decomposition suggestion. The booklet provides the tools in addition to suggestions and strategies for developing electrical computing device circuit-loops and identifying their parameters. The equipment built were learned utilizing the types of machines with laminated and strong rotor having classical constitution. using such types are good famous and simplifies functional implementation of the got results.

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2), and in this chapter represent effective values. 2), the values of the stator and rotor windings are changed with the same frequency value, which is equal to the frequency of the power supply system f1. 2), the emfs E1p and E2p are induced in the stator and rotor windings by the resulting fluxes Φ1p and Φ2p, respectively. The resulting flux Φ1p covers the stator winding, and it is created by the currents in the stator and rotor windings. The resulting flux Φ2p permeates the rotor winding, and it is produced by the currents in the stator and rotor windings.

36) can be presented in another form. 40) reflects the emf equations for the inductively coupled stator and rotor windings. 7). 40), the referred secondary values are used. , x12 ¼ xm and x21 ¼ xm. 40), the referred value of the total reactance of self-induction of the rotor winding 0 x2 is used. e. , x1 ¼ x1σ + xm and x2 ¼ x2σ + xm. 40). 41) describe identical values of the resulting emf of the stator winding E1p. 8). 40) has become widely adopted in practice. 40), the equations for the emf induced in the stator and rotor windings can be presented in two forms.

34), 0 0 the rotor winding emf E2m ¼ E12 receives    0    0 0 ÀE2m ¼ ÀE12 ¼ jxm I 1 þ I 2 ð2:35Þ We note again that the load components of the stator and rotor currents do not create the total field (flux) of mutual induction. Therefore, the value of emf E1m ¼ E11 induced in the stator winding does not change for the no-load conditions and under-load operation of an electric machine. 35). 17) then take the form À Á À 0 Á ¼ jx1σ I 1 þ ðÀE1m Þ ¼ jx1σ I 1 þ jxm I 1 þ I 2 ¼ jx1σ I 1 þ ðÀEm Þ 1р  ÀE  À 0 Á À 0 0 0 0 Á 0 0 0 ÀE2p ¼ jx2σ kE kI I 2 þ ÀE2m ¼ jx2σ I 2 þ jxm I 1 þ I 2 ¼ jx2σ I 2 þ ðÀEm Þ 0 Im ¼ I1 þ I2 ð2:36Þ 0 0 0 where (ÀEm) ¼ jxm (I1þI2 ); E2p ¼ E2pkE; x2σ ¼ x2σ k2; k2 ¼ kEkI.

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