Alexander Alekhine's Best Games: Algebraic Edition by Alexander Alekhine

By Alexander Alekhine

This consultant positive factors Alekhine's annotations of his personal video games. It examines video games that span his profession from his early encounters with Lasker, Tarrasch and Rubenstein, via his global name battles, to his conferences with the hot new release of gamers within the Fifties. Algebraic notations are integrated.

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LLlxe4 ! cs 4 d3 5 f4 d6 6 lLlf3 By transposition of moves White has reached a safe and very promis­ ing position from the King's Gambit Declined. g4 6 A stronger move was 6 ... i. b5 then 7 ... xc6+ bxc6 9 'ir'e2 exf4 ! with approximate equal­ ity (Spielmann-Dr. Tarrasch, Pistyan 1 922). After the text move White ob­ tains a slight positional advantage. 7 lba4 (D) The only correct move. On the other hand, the old move 7 h3 is in­ adequate, on account of 7 ... xf3 8 "iVxf3 exf4 ! (but not 8 ...

C3, and Black has no chance of winning. �c5! 18 . . whereas this move, which at first sight does not seem better than the above-mentioned moves, is the only one enabling Black to maintain his advantage. 19 b4! Theright reply, permitting White to force a favourable exchange. It is clear that Black's g-pawn cannot be taken at once, owing to . . 'ib7. d7 21 �e3 Black is once again faced with a very difficult problem. How is he to secure the defence of his weak pawns on both wings? h4. • Steiner - Alekhine 53 bishop to f8, in order to secure the protection of his kingside, White would take the queenside as his ob­ jective and would obtain a strong at­ tack by J:tg4 followed by J:ta4.

Tarrasch, played in the first round of this tournament Johner - Alekhine 61 (again, see the previous game), in which White, having adopted the continuation 4 d5 , sustained a classic defeat. He therefore preferred the move in the text, which is more con­ servative, but also more dull. cxd4 4 d5 5 tDxd4 This move allows White, should he so desire, to simplify the position, with an almost certain draw in view. 5 ... �b4 was more energetic, leading to a complicated game not without chances for Black.

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