A Step Away from Paradise: A Tibetan Lama's Extraordinary by Foreword by Tenzin Palmo, Thomas K Shor Thomas K. Shor

By Foreword by Tenzin Palmo, Thomas K Shor Thomas K. Shor

"A Step clear of Paradise tells the tale of Tibet’s Tulshuk Lingpa, a visionary lama who in 1962 introduced an excursion to what he and his fans believed to be the land of immortality defined in twelfth-century Tibetan culture. With over three hundred disciples, he ventured up a distant Himalayan mountain on the Nepal-Sikkim border to be able to ‘open the best way’ to a hidden land of lots discovered on no map. Fifty years later, Thomas okay. Shor tracks down the surviving individuals of this visionary day trip and entwines their amazing tales of religion and experience along with his personal quest to find the truth of this land referred to as Beyul. What emerges is a panoramic tale alive with chance, bringing the reader as on the subject of the Hidden Land as a booklet most likely can. because the spectacular account unfolds, the reader is bound to copy the query continuously raised by means of the writer in his interviews: after which what occurred? the tale remembers and conjures up considered one of humanity's oldest aspirations—that of discovering a stairway to paradise

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Every night his father would stick the purba in a bowl of rice beside his bed, and there it would be—in the pitch-dark room—the tip glowing with the coming of the storm, sparking a moment before each bolt of lightning flashed in the sky. His friends would get so scared they’d want to scream and run away. But he’d grab on to them and force them to silence as the purba glowed and sparked next to his sleeping father. The day after Tulshuk Lingpa got the purba, Dorje Dechen Lingpa took him on a long walk.

He has the ability to enter a mystic state and have revealed to him by a dharma protector or a dakini—a female messenger or guide—the teaching or empowerment given directly by Padmasambhava. When a terton is given a scripture it isn’t actually in the form of a book. Or not at first. Sometimes what the terton has revealed to him is only a few scratches on a stone. Other times he reaches his hand inside a stone and pulls out a tightly rolled scrap of yellowed paper. On it will be a few ‘letters’ in an alphabet only a terton can understand.

That’s how it was,’ she said. ‘If I were still young I’d show you the way. But now I can hardly walk. ’ She bent down and rubbed her left knee and looked at her bare feet, gnarled with arthritis. ‘Just look at my feet,’ she said. ‘See what time has done to them. And to think I was the one to walk in front and stamp down the snow! ’ She spun her prayer wheel, and muttering the mantra of Padmasambhava beneath her breath she left the room. ’ ~ Carl Gustav Jung When I stepped into the Gangtok night I felt elated.

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